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“Cocktail at the Museum” FAQS

April 30, 2013

Publication at last!  After two years the online version of Cocktail at the Museum went away on Sunday November 30. 2015.

Own your own copy now (available in paperback, for Kindle, nook, and iBook)




Cereal or Serial? Not for much longer.

Cocktail at the Museum: A Museums Matter Mystery  featuring Associate Curator Joe Cocktail was launched as a serial online mystery series on May 6, 2013.  On December 31 2014 Joe reorganized the original site so the first mystery in the series “Cocktail at the Museum” could be read more easily from the drop down menu.  So those of you who were reading online had 18 months to get to know Joe online before he moved into print and e-book  in December 2015.

Why did Joe originally release the mystery serially?

Have you ever tried to find a literary agent?  After a year of sending off chapters to literary agents and seldom hearing back from any of them  (one who told me “nobody wants to read a mystery with a male protagonist”), Joe sat down with me and said he just wanted his story told.  “The 19th century variant of this process worked for Thackerey and Dickens, why not give it a try?”

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